Saturday, February 23, 2008

Yamadori killed the bonsai artist

There as been so much debate of late with reference to yamadori as probably the only suitable source of material to achieve placement or recognition on the world stage that, this unrelenting verbiage has instilled nothing less than a recurring need for a bowel movement. Yamadori has killed the bonsai star.

Folks embark on this journey for various reasons, to some it is the spiritual connection between man and nature, to others it is more about achieving grandeur, and in many cases recognition, public or not. The great bonsai artists of yesteryear and to some extent our present never felt/feel the need towards personal gratification, but embark on the journey out of passion and personal satisfaction. They do not require public approval and in such do not require to have the thirst of their unrelenting egos quenched.

I believe the biggest underlying factor in these debates is the relatively short amount of time man has on this planet and in such, one needs to accomplish as much as humanly possible during this time frame. We now live in a society that is so fast paced, that anything we embark on must be accomplished before we even begin, or for the lack of a better word yesterday. It is sad that in this day and age we can no longer take the time to smell the coffee.

The mere fact that so many require recognition for their creations, has tarnished the underlying beauty of bonsai. The evocative passion bonsai should bring has become a secondary emotion or better yet a negligible requirement when compared to the satisfaction personal recognition brings. There is absolutely nothing wrong in feeling proud of ones accomplishments, but to place the accomplishment above all else, is not practising bonsai in the proper light in my opinion.

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